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Cute bulldog pink union jack hip flask

NEW Journals, Cases, Cutting Boards and Flasks

I’ve been so busy with Christmas orders and adding new pets that I haven’t found the time to blog about the awesome new products that have been added!  Now when you create your personalized pet products you’ll also be able to add your cartoon critter to:


These handmade bound pocket journals are the perfect size for you to take everywhere.  Printed on the outside AND inside covers, you can add your cartoon pet to the front and then personalize the inside with a custom message.  Choose from blank, lined, grid, or checklist paper to and make it your own for recipe keeping, note taking, or sketching!

iPad Air Cases

You have a couple of options for snazzing up your new iPad Air.  First off, there is the form-fitting case from Case-Mate™.  This light-weight case covers the back and corners of your iPad Air with an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell, while still providing access to all ports and buttons.

Next up we have the Powis iCase™ iPad Air case.  This hard cover case is made with premium book cloth and finished with glossy laminate.  This durable case features rubberized non-slip edge design for landscape use.

iPad Mini Sleeve

Feeling left out iPad Mini owners?  Well don’t you fret, we have something new for you too!  You can now protect your iPad Mini in fuzzy style with the new Rickshaw Mini Sleeve!  Made with water-resistant fabrics and an ultra-plush padded liner, this sleeve delivers protection while beautifully displaying your cartoonized pet!

Glass Cutting Boards

But it’s not all about making your electronics comfy!  Add style to your kitchen and entertainment areas with a custom glass cutting board.  Made with hand-pressed tempered glass, these eye-catching cutting boards are great for prepping and serving.  Available in three different sizes, this is the perfect gift for any pet lover host or hostess!

Hip Flasks

And the last (but certainly not least!) product of 2013… Cartoonize My Pet™ Liquid Courage™ Hip Flasks!  These 6 oz. stainless steel flasks have your pet design printed on high quality vinyl and permanently wrapped around the flask.

Design these products and more by cartoonizing your pet and then pressing the red “Create Products” button!  

The best way to quickly see the very latest products is to select “Newest” from the “Sort” drop-down.  If that menu isn’t there (it won’t be on lower resolution devices like phones,) use the Department navigation on the left hand side (or at the bottom of the page on mobile,) to drill down to the product you’d like to see your pet on.


French Bulldogs

Wait no longer Frenchie lovers!  You can now cartoonize your French Bulldog!  

french bulldogs created on cartoonize my pet

These bat-eared cuties are available in loads of french bulldog colors, from the more common brindle and masked fawn to the rarer blue frenchies and black and tan!  There is also a huge assortment of white markings to choose from, so you really can make your one of a kind cartoon pup!

Once you’ve designed your cartoon French Bulldog; dress them up and add a cool background.  Then share your cartoon creation online, or buy it on all kinds of fun products!

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Collies AND Shelties

Not one, but two new dogs?!  Yes indeedy!  Now you can cartoonize your own Rough Collie AND Shetland Sheepdog!

rough collies created on cartoonize my pet

Both breeds come in a range of colors from classic sable to merle.  You can even give them blue eyes!

shetland sheepdogs created on cartoonize my pet

Once you’ve made your cartoon dog, just hit the red “Create Products” button to magically place it on a whole shops worth of personalized products like these:





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Golden Retrievers

Fast on the heels of the Labradors; presenting their hairier cousins, the Golden Retriever!

golden retrievers created on cartoonize my pet

The cartoon Goldies come in a range of colors from cream to yellow to gold and finally red.  I even added some “non goldie” colors and patterns, like black and tan, for making crossbreeds.  Have fun!

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