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Collies AND Shelties

Not one, but two new dogs?!  Yes indeedy!  Now you can cartoonize your own Rough Collie AND Shetland Sheepdog!

rough collies created on cartoonize my pet

Both breeds come in a range of colors from classic sable to merle.  You can even give them blue eyes!

shetland sheepdogs created on cartoonize my pet

Once you’ve made your cartoon dog, just hit the red “Create Products” button to magically place it on a whole shops worth of personalized products like these:





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Golden Retrievers

Fast on the heels of the Labradors; presenting their hairier cousins, the Golden Retriever!

golden retrievers created on cartoonize my pet

The cartoon Goldies come in a range of colors from cream to yellow to gold and finally red.  I even added some “non goldie” colors and patterns, like black and tan, for making crossbreeds.  Have fun!

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Cartoon Australian Shepherd Watch

Super Saver Weekend

Bummed that you missed our Black Friday Sale?  Well worry not; the crazy savings will continue until Sunday! 

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Use our Pet Avatar Builder to create your pet and then click on the red “Create Products” button to browse your one of a kind, custom shop!

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Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale!

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20% OFF T-Shirts & Bags

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Use our Pet Avatar Builder to create your pet and then click on the red “Create Products” button to browse your one of a kind, custom shop!

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Pink Princess Lab


Who’s the ruling champion for “Most Popular Dog” in the US and UK?  The Labrador Retriever of course!  And now you can customize your own cartoon lab!

labradors created on cartoonize my pet

We have the standard yellow, chocolate and black Labrador colors, plus some rarer ones like red and silver.  Choose your own colors and patterns and then add a fun background and a variety of props to make your cartoon lab truly unique!

Once you’re done, share your custom lab on social networks, or add it to a bunch of awesome customizable merch!  Create the perfect gift for “the pet lover that has everything!”

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king black and tan chihuahua


The chihuahuas have arrived!  Design a cartoon chihuahua using our innovative pet avatar creator.  Choose between smooth coat and long-haired chihuahuas and customize their colors and patterns.  Then select a background and dress them up!

chihuahuas created on cartoonize my pet

Share your creation online or buy it on a huge range of products, just in time for Christmas!

Create your own Chihuahua products!

New Cartoonize My Pet Logo

Welcome to the new look Cartoonize My Pet

It’s been a long road, but after almost 2 years of toiling away, it’s finally ready for its debut… Introducing: Cartoonize My Pet 2.0!

Welcome to a fresh new website, completely new pet cartoons… and the thing I’m most excited about –even MORE customization!

Cartoonize My Pet Avatar Maker

Now you don’t just get to choose a pet from our pre-drawn selection; you get to design your own cartoon pet using our pet avatar creator!  Choose colors, patterns, backgrounds and even accessories!  Then use our handy sharing tools to post your pet to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or…well, anywhere really!

Want to take your pet home?  Just click on the “Create Products” button to place it on a ridiculously huge collection of customizable merchandise.  We have everything from keychains, mousemats, mugs and t-shirts, to iPhone cases, throw pillows, messenger bags and skateboards!  Buying a gift for the pet lover that has everything, has never been so easy!

So what are you waiting for?

Create a pet NOW!