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Custom Pet iPhone 6 Cases

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the pet loving Apple fan in your life?  Well look no further!  We have brand spanking new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases!

Customize your pet using our one of a kind cartoon pet builder and then add your creation to your case -among with a whole hoard of other products like t-shirts and mugs!  And who says you have to wait till Christmas?  Why not treat your new iPhone 6 to the cute cartoon case it deserves!  Create yours now!

Apple iPhone 6 case with cute cartoon toy poodle on pink hearts background Jack Russell Terrier cartoon on green background on iPhone 6 case



American Cocker Spaniels

Introducing the American Cocker Spaniels!

American cocker spaniels created on cartoonize my pet

These bundles of fluffy fun come in every color you can imagine, from the classic buff and silver to rarer, chocolate, roan and even merle!  Have an American Cocker Spaniel with a natural, undocked tail?  No problem!  You can cartoonize him too and then add him to a bunch of gifts!

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French Bulldogs

Wait no longer Frenchie lovers!  You can now cartoonize your French Bulldog!  

french bulldogs created on cartoonize my pet

These bat-eared cuties are available in loads of french bulldog colors, from the more common brindle and masked fawn to the rarer blue frenchies and black and tan!  There is also a huge assortment of white markings to choose from, so you really can make your one of a kind cartoon pup!

Once you’ve designed your cartoon French Bulldog; dress them up and add a cool background.  Then share your cartoon creation online, or buy it on all kinds of fun products!

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