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Bernese Mountain Dogs

Sorry I’ve been bad at keeping the blog updated!  I recommend if you want the very latest news you follow us on Facebook, as that’s usually where I post something first.  Anyway there have been a few new pets since I last posted here…

First up; the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog!

Examples of cartoon Bernese Mountain Dogs created on CartoonizeMyPet.com

Berners don’t come in too many colors, but you can customize their white markings to match your dog perfectly!  What they lack in colors they more than make up for in accessories and backgrounds!  Dress up your cartoon creation to suit the occasion or holiday!

Once you’ve designed your pooch cartoon, just hit the red “Create Products” button to see in on our full range of custom merch!

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king black and tan chihuahua


The chihuahuas have arrived!  Design a cartoon chihuahua using our innovative pet avatar creator.  Choose between smooth coat and long-haired chihuahuas and customize their colors and patterns.  Then select a background and dress them up!

chihuahuas created on cartoonize my pet

Share your creation online or buy it on a huge range of products, just in time for Christmas!

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New Cartoonize My Pet Logo

Welcome to the new look Cartoonize My Pet

It’s been a long road, but after almost 2 years of toiling away, it’s finally ready for its debut… Introducing: Cartoonize My Pet 2.0!

Welcome to a fresh new website, completely new pet cartoons… and the thing I’m most excited about –even MORE customization!

Cartoonize My Pet Avatar Maker

Now you don’t just get to choose a pet from our pre-drawn selection; you get to design your own cartoon pet using our pet avatar creator!  Choose colors, patterns, backgrounds and even accessories!  Then use our handy sharing tools to post your pet to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or…well, anywhere really!

Want to take your pet home?  Just click on the “Create Products” button to place it on a ridiculously huge collection of customizable merchandise.  We have everything from keychains, mousemats, mugs and t-shirts, to iPhone cases, throw pillows, messenger bags and skateboards!  Buying a gift for the pet lover that has everything, has never been so easy!

So what are you waiting for?

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