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Welcome! Design your Pet Now!

About us

Our Team

Our team is comprised of three amazing people, bringing their love of pets and their skills and talents to the brand.

Jennifer Williams, CEO

Chief Executive Officer

“The Farmer”

  • 5 Chickens
  • 3 Donkeys
  • 3 Goats
  • 3 Dogs

Matt Eaton, CTO

Chief Technology Officer

"The Typical Pet Owner"

  • 2 Dogs - Rex & Diamond
  • 1 Cat - Pretzel

Shyniqua "Shy" Stalling, OPM

Operations Processes Manager

"The Mythology Pet Owner"

  • 2 Dogs - Zeus & Ares
  • 1 Cat - Calypso

How it Works


Choose your pet

Using our Pet Builder, pick your species and breed. We’ve got dogs, cats, and horses. Don’t forget to check out our assortment of small and furry pets as well, such as rabbits and guinea pigs.


Cartoonize your pet

Does your pet have natural or cropped ears? Do they have a short coat or a long coat? You’ll be able to customize your pet to match the one you have at home. With so many options, there are billions of combinations.


Style your pet

Wanna dress up your digital pet? No problem! We’ve got backgrounds and accessories to spice up the area around them. Mix and match items to create a unique theme or go wild with your imagination to create something truly unique.


Put your pet on products

The fun doesn’t stop with building your pet. That image you just made? You can put it on a product to show off. Sip out of your custom pet mug at home or the office. Style up your outfit with your pet on a tote bag. Or lounge on your couch with your real pet while you both snuggle underneath a blanket with your pet printed on it. There are hundreds of products to choose from, both for yourself or to gift to someone else.

Play As Your Pet

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Supporting Pet Charities

Animal-related organizations in our nonprofit network receive 10% of each purchase made by a customer that has selected them as their chosen charity. We want to give back to the community, support organizations that our customers care about, and spread a little hope in the lives of pets all around the US.

Cartoonize My Pet!

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